our services

Product Design

Our designers follow recent trend, do innovative design and styling. From concept to design brief, the design process translates trends into products that meet the needs of today's demanding consumer.

Product Sourcing

We source and find the right materials and factories that share our commitment to quality, compliance and sustainability is a fundamental activity.

Production Monitoring

Merchandisers, designers, quality engineers and product development experts work with factories to ensure products meet the requirements.

Speed to Market

We adopt different strategies to improve speed to market, including the diversification of sourcing geographies and the adoption of initiatives aimed at improving coordination among suppliers.

Pattern Support

Pattern support to style, our fit technologist and designer make best template for fitting considering the geographical measurement.

Costing & Wins Reviews

Merchant expert deliver open costing with each material unit consumption, very transparent math of any product to support and fix correct selling price.

Quality Control

Merchandisers, quality engineers and fabric experts work with factories to ensure products meet the customer required quality and SOP.

Logistics Supports

Our Logistics solutions start from the moment the product leaves the factory to the time it reaches the hands of a happy shopper.